Landau 429T Adtemp Non-Contact Thermometer - Adc

  • Na (REG)

Adtemp Non-Contact Thermometer - Adc

Item Code: 429T

Manufacturer: Landau

  • The Adtemp 429 Non-Contact Thermometer features:- Infrared sensor simplifies temperature measurement, ideal for screening - Measures in about 1 second without patient contact, eliminating the concern of cross contamination or costly probe covers - Dual mode - body and object - Large backlit LCD display is easy to read - Wide temp range, and Fahrenheit/Celsius switchable - 30-reading memory - Auto-off function after 30 seconds conserves battery life - Audible beep when measurement is complete, night mode mutes volume - Uses 2 AAA batteries (included) - 2-year warranty
  • Measurement accuracy (Laboratory) - Body Mode: 50°F- 122°F (10°C- 50°C), +/-0.5°F, 71.6°F- 104°F (+/-0.3°C, 22°C- 40°C) - Object Mode: 32°F- 212°F (0°C- 100°C), <68°F +/-1°F, >68°F +/-5° (<20°C +/- 1°C, >20°C +/- 5°)

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Color: Na (REG)
Size: One Size
Fit: Regular
Price: $80.00


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